Wedding Ice sculptures

For the last word in wedding luxury, order an ice sculpture from Techne Ice. These bespoke pieces will cause a stir at your reception, turning it into something truly spectacular. We offer a unique, tailor-made ice experience – choose between a classic centrepiece like a swan or a tiered design, or something more personalised.
Whether it is Asian Weddings, African Weddings, European Weddings, or our favourite, Themed Weddings, Techne Ice will create an unforgettable ice experience for weddings of all customs and religions.
You’ll be amazed at what can be achieved from crystal clear processed ice. We know that every wedding is different, so our ice sculptures are made to order and designed to your specifications. Techne Ice offers you the chance to choose a wedding ice sculpture engraved with the bride and groom’s names, or even a stunning, life-size model of the happy couple. Traditional design elements, such as intricate Kolam patterns or carved marigolds and jasmine flowers for a Hindu wedding, can also be incorporated into a sculpture that is just as unique as the bride and groom’s love story.
No luxury wedding is complete without a glamorous ice design. These gorgeous features can act as a centrepiece during the reception, and also provide the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos. Elaborate ice luges will help your wedding stand out from the crowd, and ensure that your guests see it as the highlight of their social season. Eye-catching and dramatic, an ice sculpture is sure to inspire conversation.
As well as extensive experience providing ice sculptures to high-end Indian weddings in various countries, Techne Ice has built a solid reputation here in the UK. Even Prince William and Kate’s fairytale royal wedding featured a perfect ice sculpture from Techne Ice, so the company certainly has fans in the highest level of British society.
So if you’re interested in transforming your wedding into a luxurious event worthy of royalty, get in touch with Techne Ice to discuss your unique situation and needs. Let us create the ice sculpture of your dreams, and help make it a wedding to remember! You may not be marrying a prince, but a Techne Ice Centrepiece can give you a touch of royal wedding glamour!