The Oil and Gas Magazine Fire and Ice Themed Event

If you’re planning a big event that you want everyone to talk about, you need to make sure that people leave having seen something spectacular.

One organisation that recently got this right was The Oil & Gas Magazine (OGM). Every year it hosts a party for clients and friends who are involved in the publication and this year the theme was Fire and Ice.
Yes, that meant they took inspiration from Game of Thrones and the standout feature at the party was a replica of the throne carved out of, you guessed it, ice!
As well as having the chance to sit in the famous throne, guests were also given access to a range of Game of Thrones props to allow them to create memorable photos with their friends. Guests weren’t entirely unprepared for this, as the Game of Thrones theme was circulated beforehand and some people came in impressive costumes.
Club One, in St John’s, Newfoundland, was the venue for The OGM’s spectacular bash. As well as the impressive decor, the magazine also provided Game of Thrones themed cupcakes and cookies.
This just goes to show how having a bespoke ice sculpture at your event could get guests talking – and sharing content on social media – for days after it’s over.
We recently explained why we think bespoke ice sculptures in London are the perfect way to wow the people at your event. For an even more spectacular effect, consider having an ice sculptor at the party to carve a block of ice into something stunning before your guests’ eyes.