Meet our Team

“When you put a group of professional artists in a room and ask them to work together on a project, you always get extraordinary creations.” Asanga, Founder of Techne Ice
Welcome to our team of lovely individuals, each of whom lights up the company with their unique life-in-ice expertise. Read more about our ice journeys below.
Techne ice team



Founder, sculptor, dedicated family man and eternal optimist, Asanga has been working with ice for X years; designing, carving and perfecting his sculptures from the comfort of his “office”…. an enormous freezer averaging -20 degrees all year round. Yet despite the cold, or perhaps because of it, Asanga naturally curates a fun-loving warmth in the team and never fails to inspire those around him.

Techne ice team


How do you transport, build and maintain ice sculptures in some of the hottest climates on earth? Having taken the arctic experience to places like Saudi Arabia and Dubai, Alistair is Techne Ice’s Marketing extraordinaire and long-term friend of Asanga.

Techne ice team


Referred to by his colleagues as the Father of Ice, Mike has dedicated his life to the material and has introduced the art form to people all over the world. Whilst most may seek to spend their retirement in the sun, Mike prefers to share his renowned expertise and spread his wisdom throughout the team.

Techne ice team


Accountant, mother and all round superwoman Sama works magic in all areas of life. Never without a smile, she makes accounting look easy.



Riyaza is a dedicated marketer focused on helping clients to make the perfect choices to suit their occasion. Passionate to transform ideas into innovative realities.

Techne ice team


Jason exudes the best qualities of all digital experts: proficient, effective, and dedicated to responding to changing expectations in the digital world.

Techne ice team


Ollie is a seasoned member of the Techne Ice team. With years of experience, he excels not only as an accomplished ice expert but also as a phenomenal team player. His commitment to excellence is evident in his willingness to go the extra mile, ensuring that every client's ice experience is nothing short of extraordinary.