stunning large ice sculptures

If you’ve got an event in mind and have decided that you want to have some stunning large ice sculptures on site to really wow your guests, no doubt you have quite a few questions about how it all works. To help alleviate any fears you might have, here are some commonly asked questions and the answers to get you off on the right foot.

How long do the sculptures last?

Generally, an ice sculpture will last between four and six hours when kept indoors. Of course, you can keep your sculptures outside but bear in mind that doing so will shorten their lifespan somewhat.

When should the sculpture be delivered?

Make sure that you have your sculpture delivered to your door between one and one and a half hours before the party is expected to start, so you can arrange it properly and make sure there are no problems.

What other equipment is required?

As you know, as ice melts it becomes more fragile and delicate so you may want to have drip trays and drain hoses close to hand so you can get rid of the water as the day goes on. You’ll also need to make sure that you have a table to put the sculpture on.

Are bespoke designs available?

Talk to your ice sculpting team to see what designs they can come up with. They are also sure to be able to sculpt a design of your choosing, so bring in any ideas or thoughts of your own as well.
Be inspired by some of these ice sculpting and snow events around the world.