Our Story

Wenistus Asanga Amerasinghe

Founder of Techne Ice
Welcome to Techne Ice. Let me introduce myself: my name is Asanga, I am the Artistic Director and founder of Techne Ice and I have over two decades of experience in the field of ice sculpting. You may not have heard of me directly as I am usually working at temperatures of -20° in my specially built ice-sculpting freezer, but you will almost certainly have seen my work online. For example you might have seen the bespoke ice sculpture I carved for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee at Canary Wharf, or the magical centrepiece I created for Prince William and Kate’s Royal Wedding, as well as the ice sculptures I create on repeated commission for Elton John’s prestigious multi-million fund charity galas. But as impressive as this is, it is not all about flying high. I also design, carve, and install ice sculptures for cruise liners, hotels, restaurants, schools and individual clients. My humble approach is one of honesty and warmth; I am truly passionate about my art and about ice as an artistic material, which is why I have founded Techne Ice. So if you can be assured of one thing outside of my artistic skill set, let it be that you can trust I will return your call. Whether I am working in the freezer, Hyde Park or in the Arctic Circle rest assured I will engage with your queries directly.

Curious about how I ended up carving bespoke ice sculptures for such a variety of clients?

Well, my journey began in 1994 when I started sculpting ice for celebrity cruises and multinational companies such as the Grange and Mandarin Oriental Hotels. My dedication, love of the material, and artistic skill quickly led to being commissioned to create unique detailed sculptures in the tightest of time frames. After all, when you are working with one of nature’s most variable materials there is no room for error, and time is always of the essence. Yet no challenge is unachievable, no idea is unattainable. Thanks to this work ethic, demand for my masterpieces has taken me across the globe; from when I recently achieved third place in the World Ice Sculpting Competition held at -40° in Russia, to designing, creating and installing a magnificent Ice Castle at 40° in New Delhi. Feel free to peruse our gallery for photographs.
As I am so enthusiastic about creating unique ice sculptures I wanted to share my love of this incredibly malleable artistic material with the world, hence the arrival of my company Techne Ice. Techne Ice is a multi-talented team of artists and technicians led by myself, who create sophisticated high-impact ice sculptures for every kind of special occasion. We have carved for lavish Indian weddings, corporate events (big and small), as well as celebrity gala dinners and Venetian balls. We work on client-led specification and can guarantee to recreate your vision in the most mesmerizingly beautiful form; crystal clear ice.