Our Most Requested: the Wedding Ice Cake

Let Techne Ice introduce you to the unique ice sculptures that would make a fine and beautiful addition to that special day you are planning.

Here at Techne Ice, we pride ourselves on designing and building the perfect ice creation to your exact specification, or, as many do, leave it up to our team of artists to create something unique for your total wedding ice experience

Wedding Ice Cake

Our most requested ice sculpture is our absolutely gorgeous wedding ice cake. This particular design comes in many different varieties, whether it is the amount of tiers, the size or the shape, you can be certain that your wedding ice cake will be one of a kind. Our most popular feature to be frozen inside, as you can imagine, are flowers; whether your favourite flowers are orchids, carnations or even sunflowers, Techne Ice will freeze them inside of the ice; If you can find them, we can even freeze TriffidsJ. If flowers aren’t your thing, we can pretty much freeze anything inside the ice, we do, however, absolutely and irrefutably refuse to freeze live animals, especially puppies, but humans, no problem J

The wedding ice cake is finely crafted at our own facilities and involves time and patience to bring to life. As in the images, we can create that perfect cake topper, sculpted by hand by our very own team of sculptors and artists

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