Media Recognition

Techne Ice is often featured in the media, grabbing headlines with our incredible ice sculptures. Working on both national and international projects, we’ve garnered widespread recognition as one of the world’s leading ice sculpture companies and have won many media plaudits for our work. We have been featured in a variety of publications both online and offline, and our work has gained interest from clients around the globe.
We always take great pride in being covered by the media, and the coverage plays a vital role in introducing and promoting our work to a wider audience. By reaching new people, we increase our loyal customer base and win over new fans who are inspired by the incredible ice artworks we can create. The sculptures we craft always make the impossible possible, which is why so many people turn to us as the go-to ice sculpting company.
We greatly value the media attention and it is always an immense privilege to see our name in print, which is why we have collated and shared these memorable mentions in the press. Many of the articles and feature pieces written about Techne Ice can be viewed here, and these pages will be updated with future media appearances.