Large ice sculptures

There’s nothing more impressive than seeing large ice sculptures in real life – they’re incredibly intricate, incredibly beautiful and truly a wonder to behold. It’s always astounding to think that people can create something so stunning out of a big block of ice.
If you’ve never seen a sculpture in the flesh before, what about heading off to one of the many festivals dedicated to the fine art of sculpting with ice in 2020? Here are just a few to consider.

Ice Music Festival Norway

Once held each year in Geilo in Norway, the festival has been held in Finse for the last two years but regardless of location, it’s a hugely magical affair. All the instruments used in the various concerts are made from ice just a few hours before each gig takes place… which sounds like one for the bucket list to us.

The World Ice Art Championships

This competition has been ongoing since 1990, intended to continue the tradition of ice sculpting in Alaska which actually began back in the 30s with the carving of ice thrones for the winter carnivals. You’re sure to see some wonderful sculptors… who knows, you may even be inspired enough to try it yourself!

Sapporo Snow Festival

Head off to Hokkaido in Japan for a festival you’ll never forget! This is one of the biggest winter events to be held in Japan, attracting around two million people each and every year. The 2020 festival marks the 71st event so you know they’re experts at their craft and will put on the festival to end all festivals.