Attention Grabbing Ice Designs to make your Reopening Memorable

After months of lockdown, your business is finally on the verge of reopening to the public and it’s natural to want to make it memorable. Attention grabbing ice designs can really make an excellent option and provide a talking point that your visitors will not forget. While diners and drinkers are sipping their favourite cocktails, the sight of an engaging ice sculpture or creatively crafted bespoke ice cubes is a unique and memorable way to boost your business and make everyone’s evenings sparkle!

What about our Artisan Ice Drinks range?

We have a collection of Crystal Clear Artisan Drink ice products such as bespoke cubes, ice shot glasses, various size ice glasses, ice table centrepieces, ice spheres and much more, all made to your exact specification. Or, Can you imagine drinks brands encapsulated in blocks of pure ice? There is nothing like it for drama and beauty. The ice is not only in the drink, but the drink is in the ice! Guests at your event will be impressed, and you will have some sensational pics, long after the event has ended.

Am I able to have a drinks bar of made of ice?

Yes. Ice bars make the ideal centrepiece to any social gathering, whether it’s a corporate event or a wedding reception. We keep the temperature low and the wow-factor high, with beautiful bespoke ice bars which add a real touch of sparkle and interactivity to your event.

These bars can be custom designed just for you and can incorporate your company logo or other artwork as requested. For a night to remember, an ice bar really does give your guests an experience with a difference.

Why choose an ice sculpture?

An ice sculpture is a remarkable way to make your reopening special and unforgettable. Displaying an ice sculpture will make you stand out from your competitors and attract many more customers.

What if I want to pour drinks through a sculpture?

Ice luges are now the must-have party accessory. A luge crafted from ice makes for the most incredible centrepiece, giving your guests an experience to talk about as they let their hair down and get the drinks flowing. Our beautifully sculpted ice luges feature a hole drilled in the top which exits at the side, making them the perfect way to serve freshly chilled drinks to your guests all through the night.

Our ice luges are the perfect way to add something different to your event without breaking the bank. To commission your very own bespoke ice luge, just drop us a line.

What kinds of ice sculptures are available?

There is a vast range of custom and bespoke ice sculptures on offer. As the client, you can select exactly what kind of sculpture you desire, and this will be lovingly replicated by experienced experts to produce a stunning and unforgettable centrepiece that will leave your lucky patrons in awe.

Can I encase something inside a piece of ice?

In short, Yes. Freezing within ice sculptures is sleek, engaging and attention-grabbing. Natural curiosity will guide potential leads to your sculpture just to see what you decided to freeze in ice. Once their interest has been piqued, your product and brand is going to stick in their mind more than any other kind of display.

How does the process work?

Techne Ice holds in-depth consultations with all clients in order to ensure the exact order you require is delivered to the highest quality standards. Our ice designs are produced to bespoke specifications, even when working to extremely tight deadlines.

Are ice sculptures popular?

Ice sculptures are extremely popular and have become a unique way to inject an extra dimension of fun into a gathering, especially after months of COVID-19 restrictions have kept so many people indoors. Many high profile clients such as Fosters, the Paul O’Grady Show and Smirnoff have commissioned acclaimed ice sculptures from Techne Ice

Does Techne Ice produce other products too?

As well as stunning ice sculptures, Techne Ice also produces and delivers both standard ice cubes and crushed ice, as well as team building experiences, live carving events and various activities

To find out more about memorable and engaging ice designs for your restaurant, pub or bar, contact in**@te*******.com today, or give us a call on 01730 828 260