Architectural Digest

Celebrities like the Kardashian-Jenners are known for throwing extravagant parties and events, but they don’t do it all alone. Mindy Weiss, who is a party planner for the stars, including the Kardashian-Jenner clan, recently shared some insights into how she creates these larger than life events.
Speaking to Architectural Digest, she explained that her job is to take a client’s own interior preferences by looking at their home and then “elevate it just a bit because it is temporary”.
Her clients have also included Ellen DeGeneres and Diana Ross, with Ms Weiss revealing that nearly all of the celebs who come to her for help with their party planning are taking inspiration from the likes of Pinterest.
Ms Weiss also shared some of the top trends she’s noticing when it comes to event and party decor, with one of the big things to watch the rise of more colourful displays. “People are stepping out of the box and experimenting with colour,” she said.
Mustard yellow is a firm favourite, along with shades of green and grey-blue, she revealed. Using wildflowers is also increasingly popular among those who are choosing to include blooms in their event decor.
But even though we’re coming into summer, any big events your planning are likely to be for later in the year when the temperature has dropped and the mood has changed. If you want to wow people in the winter, consider using bespoke ice sculptures in London for your event decor.
An article for Forbes recently noted that one of the keys to planning a successful event, whatever the occasion, is to find the perfect venue and to do so at the start so that you know what space you have to work with.